Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mrs. Linklater Talks Hoops

There's a bunch of sixty something females who read this blog. I keep hoping for more young men, but who am I kidding? Watch the ladies' eyes glaze over and their heads start nodding as they read Mrs. L's cogitations about roundball.

Because here's something you don't often hear a woman my age say, "So how are your brackets doing?" This may explain why I live alone. And don't get invited to ladies' teas very often.

I'm not having a good year. I picked Duke to beat UCLA. But they couldn't get passed West Virginia or was it Western Kentucky? So sue me. I should have seen the handwriting on the wall when the Blue Devils couldn't knock off UNC for the ACC championship. 

Even worse, I picked Tennessee to take it all. Yep, everything, the whole deal. I shoulda known Louisville would take 'em to the woodshed, but I was blinded by, I dunno, stupidity? Or was it the picture in Sports Illustrated of the Vols' flamboyant coach with his shirt off and his Danny DeVito body painted orange?

My only worthwhile pick the whole tournament has been Davidson, but I thought Wisconsin woulda taken them out by now, because they are such a small school. Dumb dumb dumb.

Memphis and Kansas better win their regions because I've never not had at least one team in the final four. 

Oh the humiliation.


swibirun said...

You picked Tennessee over UNC?  Hell, I LIVE in Knoxville and everyone on local sports radio here had them going through until they met Carolina.  I think you were under the Danny DeVito spell :)  

Seriously, it was a fun run for Bruce and the boys.  I'm just glad people around here have actually talked about something in Spring other than about spring football practice!

salemslot9 said...

after Michigan State lost
my John doesn't care