Sunday, June 1, 2008

NOTE TO DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE: You're a bunch of idiots.

Why not defer the punishment for Michigan and Florida until the next primary? Remove those in charge first of all.  

Meanwhile, the only people being punished by knocking out half the delegates are the voters.

Stupid stupid stupid. And unfair.

And what the hell is a Catholic priest doing giving a sermon in a Protestant church? Barack Obama's church?  Would someone remind Father Michael Pfleger AGAIN that he's white? I guess Cardinal George has tried. Father Pfleger has built a very successful and popular parish in a predominately African American neighborhood. He has been an outspoken and truly effective advocate for his parishioners, who petitioned the archdiocese to let him stay when it was time for his required transfer to another parish. I believe he's been there for almost twenty years. 

Over time his homilies have assumed the fiery oratory of Martin Luther King, no doubt contributing to his popularity. Nothing wrong with that. But most recently, he's decided to channel the Reverend Wright in Rev. Wright's own church. What was that about? He's on the verge of becoming an entertainment spectacle -- the white guy who preaches like he's black. It just seems so incongruent to watch this pasty faced priest with the 1950's haircut using black vernacular and rhythms that aren't part of his cultural heritage.

We'll see what happens next.


stormypassionzz said...

"NOTE TO DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE:  You're a bunch of idiots."

No truer words spoken.  Kick the bitch out and tell her maybe she'll be she tried to assume Obama may be.  Clinton's disgust me.  Barf!  I'm one of those that WOULD vote Republican if she was nominated!

The witch wants to forget the "rules" is why they didn't allow Florida and Michigan's votes/delegates.  Doesn't this tell us she doesn't give a damn about rules?  Take a flucking clue people! OK...I'm finished venting.   :)

jevanslink said...

I'll leave your comment Stormy, but I think it proves that you're an idiot too.  

Mrs. L

thisismary said...

Hey Mrs. L.!

Thank goodness you gave the previous commenter a whack.  That said, the committee is a bunch o doofuses, you are right.  Let the people speak, is that asking too much?  Have we reached the point where expediency outranks all else?

Not such a side note:  For the first time in my always to the right of whomever happens to be the furthest to the right life, I switched parties and voted for Hillary in the Ohio primary.  NOT because that horse's patoot Rush was trying to mess with the vote, but because Hillary has the backbone to actually run this country. If she had won the nomination, I would likely have voted to put her in the big chair.  Nothing against Obama, nothing against McCain.

stormypassionzz said...

Oooo forgive me Almighty One.  I bow in your presence and please,  KMA as I do.  Only YOU have the correct opinion in this world.  How dare me!  <gasp> this why you are divorced and both your children live OUT of the country?    

I thought so!

Eh, my husband is 62 and has the chest of Harrison Ford and better.  Eat your effin' heart out!   Wench!

jevanslink said...

Dear Stormy -- Back in fourth grade again, are we? Well, na na na na na!

Let me guess. Your kids live close because they were too stupid to go to college and get hired by multinational corporations -- unless they wanted careers in packing and shipping.

Woo-hoo!! You've got a 62 yaer old hubba bubba -- nothing you can say will put lipstick on that pig.

Your lack of knowledge about my divorce and where my kids actually live reveals a serious reading retention problem.  

Get a grip. I'm this close to clipping your ugly old bat wings.

Mrs. L

stormypassionzz said...

You started the name calling if you really want to believe we are in fourth grade.  You don't scare me.  My kids live close because I'm not a bitch nor in their business.  Tis' why I'm sure your girls asked you didn't speak about their dad in your journal, you've only spoke negatively in any topic you think of, unless of course, it was about you.  Ya think?  Carry on.  <smirk>

jevanslink said...

No, Stormy, your short term memory is going. YOU started the name calling -- referring to Hillary as a bitch AND a witch. I simply replied that your comments revealed what an idiot you are, a clever attempt on my part to link you to my entry's title.  

In both cases, yours and theirs, I meant IDIOT as an utterly foolish and senseless person.

The rest of your recent comment is so grammatically and spelling challenged that I am not sure what you're trying to say.

Mrs. L

stormypassionzz said...

Mrs. L?  I was not attacking YOU when I wrote my OPINION.  YOU made it personal when you attacked me and called me an idiot.  

I've enjoyed reading you because you do have a wit and a strength about yourself.  But,
I saw no reason for you to try to belittle me as you did.

I'm still not afraid of you.  Never have been, never will be but I choose at this time to let you gloat and believe you were the better person in this scenario.