Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't Miss The Train Wreck This Thursday

Until this last weekend I was very disappointed that the Dems were not going after Sarah Palin. They haven't spent a minute dissecting her pathetic bona fides. Or deriding her achingly misinformed and utterly meaningless responses during her interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric. That tete a tete she had with Dimwitty or Hannity or whatever his name is was like watching a speed date. I kept waiting for him to ask her "So, what's your sign?" The two minutes I saw was mostly laughter and giggles, signifying nothing.

If it weren't for Tina Fey's brilliant deconstruction of her non answer answers and Fargo-esque accent, Sarah Palin has been given a free pass by the bigwigs in the Democratic party.

In fact, to my dismay, Hillary has been positively reclusive since losing the nomination, when I was expecting her to at least pick up a fork and stick it into the Gov. 

Then, over the last few days, I saw interviews with Obama and Biden and one with Hill's Bill. And I finally understood the Democrats' strategy with the half-baked Alaskan. Their plan is right out of an NFL playbook.

They're doing what football teams do. Don't say anything about your opponent that will make good bulletin board material. Don't give the GOP anything they can use. Don't feed the fire so Republicans can use it to rile up the rednecks and right wing religiosos.

I noticed how carefully they talk about the Palinator. Everything they have to say about the Governor is uber complimentary. They admire her style, her background, her public speaking skills. They respect her as a working mother. They feel her pain about that whole family trouble thing. Ad nauseum.

That's because they all know that Thursday's coming. And if Sexy Sarah's previous forays into fielding questions from the network anchors are any indication, her train won't even make it out of the station.

My only concern is that viewers' expectations will be so low that if she manages to use "bailout" correctly in a sentence, her appearance at the debate will be considered an enormous success.

Somebody tell her that from now on she doesn't get a gold star for attendance.

And this time, the ammo is real.


bosoxblue6993w said...

I never thought we'd EVER have a VP candidate who made Dan Quayle look like Benjamin Disrali.     Oh brave new world ... I was wrong.

screaminremo303 said...

I knew I was smart but I never expected the Dem's to listen to me.

Damn. I'm good.