Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So What If The Dow Crashed -- Alexei Ramirez Hit A Grand Slam

I wonder what they're going to call yesterday's record-setting Wall Street dive? 

Black and Blue Monday? 

Stone Cold Monday?

Pelosi's Meltdown?

Along with all the bad news, there was some good news too. Yesterday, after a three hour rain delay, the White Sox played Detroit in a makeup game. Win and they tie the Twins at the top of the Central division. Lose and they go home.

In case you missed it, I know they showed the replay of Alexei Ramirez' at bat no matter where you live -- watch it on SportsCenter.

Game tied 2 - 2. Sox load the bases in the sixth. Cuban Rookie Ramirez steps up to the plate. He's been compared to the Cubs' Alfonso Soriano because he's so lean, but his face and the way he hits the ball remind me more of Roberto Clemente.

I read that Ozzie told Ramirez to be patient before he went up to bat. Instead he hit the first pitch and set the rookie record for grand slams. As soon as he hit the ball his arms went up in celebration and he took off, pumping his fist as he rounded all the bases, jumping into the arms of the three players he drove home.

What a great at bat at such a perfect time. Sox go on to win 8-2. Today while Cubs fans are having a rally at noon to kick off the NL play-off season, the White Sox have to play one last game against the Twins. Whoever wins goes on to the AL playoffs.

Sure, the markets are a mess. But today hope is alive on the north and south sides of Chicago.

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