Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good Job Sarah

Nice work, Governor. Ignoring the B.S. factor inherent in any convention speech, she earned a boatload of style points. I hope McCain can be half as good. For his sake. I also wish there were some way for Hillary to debate her. She wiped the floor with the other Dems during their debates. It would be fun to watch the trainwreck.

Levi Johnston, Bristol's betrothed, cleaned up good. I see he no longer sports a mullet.


psychfun said...

I was thinking of you, our Texas Man & Remo as I watched her. Yes, I watch both sides...And yell at both! I thought she did do a very good job & I actually said...hmmm if they did win, would she then run for President & that might be interesting the next time.

Just some "Resolve" only a Republican characteristic? Can't they come up with any other word? Is it just because it has an "R"?

She said that they would reduce taxes but never said for who! It is always been the complaint that the reduction is for those which the largest pocket purses in the first place.

I think the arguement of experience is interesting. They are pushing she has Executive experience that the two Senators do not...what is McCain again?

I love veterans & do value extremely highly the fact that they bought me a desk through graduate school, but does that give you the specific skills. The Fear Factor of NY, stated having 2 applicants & one that has more experience...but it is not just any experience it is what specific experience he should of explained. Now we do know that it is that reason that new graduates also have a hard time getting experience...but they do somewhere because if not they would never gain the experience if they did not get in there. Geez, what "experience" do you get to be a parent before you are a parent? If not noone could become a parent. So they can only be used so far & for certain things.

Hockey moms can also be a royal pain in the butt...that alone is not a we know all assertive women are thought to be aggressive bitches when men who are the same way are go getters etc but you do have to be careful on that one too it can also go to far. Some, just like men can get cut throat also & use "that STICK!" Hockey is contact sport you know! And sometimes being tough is not the appropriate method. We also have to have compassion & empathy & love! It is hate which gets

psychfun said...

I agree, it would be awesome to see Hillary & Sarah square off.

I keep hearing the post show commenters saying this was McCain's Hail Mary Pass....why do you need a Hail Mary Pass usually? Hmmm! Do they realize what they are saying?

I was not thrilled hearing about my drilling harming my environment and very little on alternative resources. I also did not like hearing about more Nuclear! I'm sure they are not going to place them in "Cosmopolitan" areas! And she needs to be careful not to separate herself too much from those Cosmopolitans...ya not big business and lobbyist but still you don't want to alienate any voters really.

Ok, more later...

screaminremo303 said...

Gee, it would be interesting to see Hillary debate Sarah. Too bad the Democrats COMPLETELY SCREWED THEIR ONLY CHANCE TO WIN BY THROWING HER OUT.

If wishes were horses, then Democrats could eat horseshit. Feel free to put that one on a t-shirt. I will.

If Obama can't find his balls in the morning, he need look no farther than Sarah Palin's purse. They're in there somewhere, next to Joe Biden's comb.

psychfun said...

They just mentioned on tv that McCain had not met Sarah Palin until last Wed afternoon, his staff in the evening and then Thurs night they offered her the job. They are questioning his judgment on this out of all the male & female Republicans he could have picked why her.

psychfun said...

CNN has Sarah's sister on & she is saying "When did this happen? This is great but this is crazy!" They might want to think how they are saying this! HA! If you own sister thinks it is crazy you have to wonder!

suzypwr said...

Did Palin get a hairstyle finally, too? No one ever asked a man how he can juggle a job and 5 children. He can't deep sea fish in Washington, but he can raise kids there. I am not a fan of hers, but the kids would not need to be parentally deprived.