Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin's Mother-In-Law Likes Obama

Faye Palin, Sarah's blond, extremely Caucasian looking mother-in-law got a taste of fifteen minutes of fame today. She was on TV [try YouTube] because she doesn't know yet whether she will be voting for Obama/Biden or McCain and the mother of her four or five grandchildren.

I mention Faye's looks because her son is supposed to be an Inuit [Eskimo], and I've seen no sign of any resemblance to Alaska's native people in either mother or son. On the other hand, we haven't met Mr. Palin's dad. As a sometime commercial fisherman [and a higher paying union steelworker for BP] Sarah's hubba bubba may be claiming Inuit ancestry, however tenuous, so he can take advantage of the extensive fishing rights accorded to native peoples and not white folks.

While we're talking about Sarah's family, I should mention that she emphatically spoke out against abortion a couple of years ago, saying that even if her daughter were raped and impregnated, she wouldn't support it.

Luckily Hillary's daughter wouldn't suffer the same fate. Her mother supports Chelsea's right to choose what's best for her -- either to carry the baby to term or opt for ending the pregnancy. Denying women the right to choose will always be a dealbreaker for me.

And anyone who thinks the 18,000,000 women who voted for Hillary would vote for Sarah Palin just because she's a female could only be a man.


sgeorge952 said...

I just heard about Palin's daughter and thought what a shame that this girl's parents clearly live in the '50's and she's going to have to marry her crush and have a baby at 17.  I wonder what her choice would be?  Also curious announcement timed to quell the "baby mama" rumors, it will sure be interesting to see when this baby is born, don't you think?

screaminremo303 said...

And yet, you deny other women the exact "right" you claim to deserve.

The right to choose.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

jevanslink said...

Pro Lifers give a woman only ONE choice. And they won't tolerate any other position.

Pro Choice means a woman can choose to carry a baby or have an abortion. There are many people who are Pro Choice who would never have an abortion. But they respect those women who have made that choice. And her right to make it.

No hypocrasy there.

I wrote the taglline for NARAL -- It's PRO CHOICE. Or NO CHOICE.

Pro CHoice embraces all options. Pro Life does not.

Mrs. L

ber144 said...

Wha? How does being pro-choice deny a woman the right to choose?  That is the most ridiculous comment in the history of this journal.  

Mrs. L, you are being way too nice in your responses.

screaminremo303 said...

From Newsweek (circa 2005):

The pro-choice groups themselves have also been heatedly debating what to do. This spring, activists in New York and Seattle invited Berkeley linguist George Lakoff to speak about how to reframe the abortion issue. “They found that choice wasn’t playing very well,” says Lakoff, who’s become an unofficial guru to beleaguered Democrats. He told the groups it was no wonder: “choice” came from a “consumerist” vocabulary, while “life” came from a moral one. In one of his more controversial suggestions, he advised the activists to reclaim the “life” issue by blaming Republicans for high U.S. infant-mortality rates and mercury pollution that can cause birth defects. “Basically what I’m saying is that conservatives are killing babies,” he says.

I shit you not. I think the next time some uber-liberal tries the old "Orwellian wordspeak" argument with me I'll pull this one out.


If you don't like the argument, re-define the word. Nice.

jevanslink said...

What does this guy's idiotic opinion have to do with anything?

Do you really think anybody listened to him?

Mrs. L

psychfun said...

What is Remo talking about...again? Geez.

I agree it is a choice but not just one choice.

Well even if you have like 2% of something in your heritage you can claim it I believe so it may be a distance relative.

I agree...women are much more intelligent than to just vote for any woman...heck look what happened to Ferraro!

suzypwr said...

I am not very politically oriented (obviously), but one issue near and dear to me from having been on a very liberal college campus in the late 60s is abortion. We now have the right to choose. I see us losing that right really soon. The justices are stacked for non-choice, and it's just getting worse. Palin has a right to decide she doesn't want an abortion for herself and her child, while her child is a minor. Sometimes a judge can overrule that, if I remember correctly. But I do not feel she should be able to take away MY rights on that choice, or the rights of my daughter. If my daughter finds herself with a pregnancy she doesn't want, I will back up her choice no matter which way she goes, because that is what "choice" means. I don't want her to lose her reproductive rights. "Choice" people are not the ones shooting doctors and blowing up clinics. Hot topic, Mrs L!