Monday, September 1, 2008

Is Sarah Palin a Mom or a Grandmom?

Not one to start rumors [MUCH], but always one to spread them, Mrs. Linklater has just learned that there are people who think that Ms. Palin isn't a new mom, she's a new GRANDMOM. Could this baby belong to her older daughter? Although Down Syndrome is usually seen in older moms because the eggs go bad, young moms can be affected too.

Apparently the Grandma rumor has been circling around the internet since spring.

If you want to look into this, check out the Daily Kos or any number of other sources yourself. There's even an amusing timeline of the gov's arrival at the hospital in Alaska to have the baby, more than thirteen hours after her water broke while she was giving a speech in Texas.

I'm not doing any links. That way I'm still a virgin.

Apparently NO ONE on her staff could believe she was seven months pregnant when she first made her announcement. They were dumbfounded. Seven months is very hard to hide. So is six months. In fact, most women have a hard time hiding five months, especially when they are slim and trim. I was tall and skinny and could still wear a belt at 4 1/2 months, but at five months I just let it all hang out.

Governor Palin is also a big-time runner [who kept on running] so it's not like she was hiding a kid in folds of fat.

But here's the best part -- what's with the LONG airplane flight she took when she was almost eight months pregnant -- after her water broke? She was dripping amniotic fluid on a cross country plane trip.

Hello?!  First of all, there are rules against flying that late in pregnancy. Especially at her age and when you're on your fifth kid. I'm sure there are even more rules when your water breaks, especially with a special needs baby. 

No way any of that happens without the airlines having you sign releases letting them off the hook -- especially with a Down Syndrome baby who might have heart and lung defects that affect his or her birth.

So far there's no evidence that anybody at the airline had a clue she was p.g.

Also there's no way you go flying with your water dripping without your doctor making you sign releases either.

The baby was also about a month earlly, something that often happens to young mothers.  

I love this stuff.

P.S. I just had another notion. If, in fact, Sarah Palin really was pregnant, did she deliberately keep her weight down, continue to run, and then endanger the baby's life by flying after her water broke ON PURPOSE?  Was her irresponsible behavior an attempt to terminate his life "naturally"?

Inquiring minds want to know if Sarah Palin is a loose cannon. Like John McCain.


screaminremo303 said...

I knew you were a Daily Kos reader. I can smell the fumes all the way out here.

I see the "meow" factor is still in effect.

jevanslink said...

What MEOW factor Remo?  You seem to think that an "ovulating, lactating woman" is someone we older babes envy.

Are you insane?  I couldn't wait for menopause to arrive. Finally my boobs wouldn't be sore every month, my temperament wouldn't fluctuate with hurricane intensity, and my sex life wouldn't be threatened by an unwanted child.

The years of making babies and nursing them get old once you've done it a couple of times.

Men are the ones who are all wrapped up in Sarah Palin's hotness. You're the ones who are enamored with her youth and fecundity. Not me. I've been there, done that and it's overrated. All you get when you're young and pretty and potentially pregnant is unwanted attention from horn dogs like yourself who cast their votes from below the belt.  

From my vantage point, older and wiser, I have the benefit of seeing her through clear eyes. You're the one whose vision is fogged by raging hormones.  

Time to give it a rest.

Mrs. L

psychfun said...

Very interesting read & I want those answers also.

And Remo complains about others with comments like that...geez!

suzypwr said...

I weighed 100 lbs at 10 weeks into my pregnancy, 130 at delivery, and 103 lbs 2 weeks afterwards (42 weeks duration). I didn't show much until early in my 7th month, but I couldn't have hidden that 7.5 lb baby by the end of the 7th very easily. I was told to gain 30 lbs and I did, exactly. She was also my first, and I understand that most mothers show earlier after they have already had children.

Maybe Remo feels that lactating and ovulating are good markers for a Vice President, but I would prefer one who is past those years.

kvwlk said...

With a sister 15 years my elder who has seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth, I can see the possibility.  I will need more direct proof however, and reason why I should care.  If my "sister" is actually my "mother" so what?  It doesn't change me.  Then again, my "sister" isn't running for president.