Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Superior Scribbler Part Three

Judith Heartsong. . .An Artsy Blog

This is the third of four [now five] profiles I'm writing about the bloggers who nominated me for an award that's been going around the internet.

I read Judi's blog to get in touch with that part of myself I don't have the courage to write about here. In this blog, I do what's easy for me -- going for laughs, making fun of myself or getting pissed off at people who do stupid things. Judi goes where I don't feel comfortable. The places in the heart.

So I was very touched when I found out she had nominated me for a Superior Scribbler. [Despite my noisy misgivings about the actual dictionary meaning of "scribbler".]

Judi lets her guard down. She shares her deepest feelings in ways I never could. Over the years I've been reading her blog, I've watched her grow and change as a person and an artist. I have felt her anguish, enjoyed her happiness and witnessed her remarkable evolution into a place of peace and harmony.

One of her greatest contributions, along with her unique artistic style and willingness to talk about her inner life, was The Heartsong Award, now retired.

Once a month she [and her panel of judges] provided a subject and encouraged us to express ourselves in writing, art or photography. The prize was one of her paintings and a Heartsong logo for your blog. It was truly an honor to win a Heartsong Award because you knew that considerable effort went into choosing the most deserving winner -- at least as much as each of us who entered the competition put into our entries. Yeah, I won one. But winning it wasn't as important as what I learned about myself each time I entered. The experience was as good as the prize.

So I recommend Judi to you. Her thoughtful writing can brighten anyone's day.

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Judith HeartSong said...

Oh. I am most honored by your post as you are someone I have admired tremendously along the way as we wrote and told stories and jokes and shared people's lives.

Your words are tremendously kind, and I am left (almost) speechless.

You, Mrs. L are adored by everyone. I am so very lucky to know you.

Thank you Friend.