Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Whole Commercial About Hannukah

Best Buy is running my favorite Xmas commercial. It's for Hannukah. When was the last time you saw a mainstream advertiser running an ad for a Jewish holiday? Not recently.That's part of the charm for me.

Best Buy's holiday campaign features their co-workers talking about a customer they helped. The young salesgirl in the Hannukah spot helped a mom choose iPod accessories she could give her daughter for the first seven nights of Hannukah. The big payoff came on the eighth night when the customer's daughter finally got the iPod she obviously longed for.

What a great way to let people know you have everything they'll need to complete their iPod gifting. No matter what you celebrate.

The punchline for the spot was the sales associate describing her meeting the daughter when she came into the store and exclaimed, "So you were the one who made me wait a week to get my iPod!"

Works for me.


Jon said...

Eventually, somebody will be gravely offended and Best Buy will be forced to scrap the Hannukah commercial......

cw2smom said...

What a fun way to finally get THE iPod! I love it! Kudos to their advertising people! Of course, there's a majoring of the ignorant people who would be scratching their heads while watching it, saying..HUH? Great post Mrs L.

Des's big daddy said...

I saw this for the first time last night, and I'm thinking that might be the first Hannukah commercial I've ever seen.

If that commercial gets pulled because someone is offended, I'll eat a dreidel. Or maybe a sprid, if I can find out what it is (it's the word I have to type to get my comment approved) Sounds tasty.

Melissa said...

I love that commercial too! But I imagined that poor girl on the first day wondering what in the world she was supposed to do with an ipod accessory when she didn't have an ipod. I'm sure she figured it out eventually, but then, it kind of ruins the surprise of getting an ipod, doesn't it? On the other hand, it had to be fun for the giver to see her anticipate the ipod. Gosh, no wonder I'm tired! I put entirely too much thought into the whole damn thing. Gee Thanks Mrs. L for giving me this opportunity to make a complete fool of myself! Sheesh!

Anna said...

That commercial is kind of cute.

But really, it does make me wonder what came first, the iPod or the case? That's how you know it's a commercial--fiction.

No kid I know would wait a week for the BIG 'surprise' after that.

Although, if you wanted it not to be found, the best place to hide it would be somewhere in their room. Ahh, the room of a teenager right afterschool.
On a good day, it's like an F5 twister came through.