Sunday, September 27, 2009

Separated at Birth

Tom Berenger and Marlon Brando
James Dean and Brad Pitt



Jon said...

James Dean was an original. Brad Pitt is a cheap imitation. Dean had a kinda-schoolboy-crush on Brando. Brando hated Dean. Brando was great in "Streetcar" and "On the Waterfront", but his Big Ego quickly sent him into a downward spiral. Tom Berenger??? I don't know a thing about him. Am I going to regret posting this comment? Of course. In my own inimitable way, I said absolutely nothing.

Mrs. L said...

It's a gift. Saying nothing. My blog is a testament to nada, rien.

Tressa Bailey said...

I think you are onto something least as far as looks are concerned.

Never noticed it before.