Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gerry Butler? Wasn't He The Lead Singer of The Impressions?

From what I've read, Gerard Butler would prefer that Americans not call him "Gerry." However, among his friends and family across the pond or down under, I understand "Gerry" is his preferred appellation. Bummer. The unlimited use of his warm and fuzzy sobriquet is granted to entire nations of people with suspect teeth and woolly accents, but woe to anyone born in the USA. Apparently he doesn't like our accent. Especially what it does to the sound of "Gerry." I guess, for some reason, we Americans do not pronounce "Gerry" in the style to which Gerard has become accustomed. Therefore, we are instructed never to use "Gerry," however correctly, when referring to him while in his presence. Well, fark me.

We, who have made "Gerard" rich by our willingness to watch him sing with the entire right side of his face occluded by a Tupperware lid; we, who have watched, unflinching, as he led a parade of 300 Latexed loins into the battle of Speedo Rock; we, who have dispatched both of our nation's remaining virgins and a couple of thousand volunteers to kneel at the altar of his manhood; we, who are getting mighty tired of this sentence, have been relegated to communicating with him using the more formal, and some might say, off-putting, Gerard.

Does this mean I shall be required to say, "Yes, Gerard, I have made reservations for two at Spiaggia"?

I can live with that.

NOTE FROM MRS. L: I have been informed by a knowledgeable commenter [see Shamrock] that I have this story exactly reversed. So you can call Gerard "Gerry" all you want. It's pronouncing Gerard that Americans get all screwed up. The Scots say "Ger-id." We say "Ger-arrrrrrrrrd." Apparently that sounds like nails on a chalkboard to Mr. Butler. However, Shamrock points out that if you're female, young, and really goodlooking, Gerry doesn't mind so much what you call him. Or something like that. One wonders who this Shamrock really is.


Remo said...

Someone needs to call him a psychiatrist.

Chris said...

I'm out of pop culture these days. I don't know who he is, so I'll call him Gerry if'n I want:)

shamrock said...

Thanks for your cute blog on Gerard Butler. As a long time fan of this gentlemen I wanted to give you a heads-up that you are a bit wrong about Gerry.
He much prefers to be called Gerry because we Americans tend to give his Scottish name Gerard a long accent saying Gerarrrrd and in his homeland Scotland it is pronounced more like Ger-id - accenting the first syllable GER.

This talented actor/lawyer/singer is very devoted to his fans and friends no matter how they may say his name, though.

Your blogs are very fun to read.

Mrs. L said...

Okay, Shamrock -- thanks for the heads up. I love when I get my information entirely wrong. It's such a good feeling. Of course, I may not get around to fixing my mistake.