Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Hunnert an' Fiddy-two Smackaroos

$152 bucks.  Yep, that's what it cost me to have the furnace guy come out and light my brand new furnace and hot water heater.  Apparently this task was "too dangerous" [i.e. too much potential liability] for the gas company to attempt.

Plus I had to fork out another twenty something bucks for a furnace filter, which I had to go out and purchase myself.

The skills required for lighting the fires included bleeding the air out of the gas pipes and flipping a couple of switches. Apparently I don't even have a pilot light on my furnace. What? No discount?

For this I paid a $92 trip fee. I noticed that the trip to my house took fifteen minutes. The other $60 was for fifteen minutes of labor.  It took him longer to fill out the paper work afterward.

On a happier note, I got home later to discover that the pile of dirt left by the gas company during their dig was gone, replaced by a lovely, well-planted, bright green patch of sod. Apparently the gas company will clean up after itself. Who knew? Seeing my new lawn as I turned into the driveway was such a surprise -- like having a secret Santa. Now if only I could come home and discover that the living room was freshly painted. And the floors re-finished. Did I mention I'd love roast beef for dinner tonight?


Rose said...

oh if only...

Remo said...

I think the same crew does A/C work in AZ in the summer, except when they scrape away the dirt they call it xeriscape.