Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mrs. Linklater's Movie Exclusive...Sorta Kinda

Since most of Mrs. Linklater's readers have the attention span of a gnat, let's cut to the chase -- here's a link to Yahoo's exclusive low res look at the brand new, fresh out of the box trailer for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, a powerful, urban docudrama starring Bruce Willis as a rogue cop who adopts an abandoned Komodo dragon, left to fend for itself on the. . . kidding. 
     Bruce Willis isn't in it. 
     But Gerard Butler from "300" is. Seriously. Okay, his voice. 
     You can see the Yahoo trailer for HTTYD here:
     BUT WAIT!! Before you go mindlessly clicking on Yahoo's link, don't forget Mrs. Linklater has yet to reveal her own exclusive -- see, up there, mentioned in the title of this entry?
     Now you have a choice. You can choose to go watch the trailer right this minute, over at Yahoo, like little kids who can't wait to play with a new toy.
     Or you can be mature and wait to view the exact same trailer, only in high res, at Mrs. Linklater's EXCLUSIVE LINK [exclusive for at least ten more minutes] to the HTTYD web site, which will go LIVE sometime today. 
     Of course, even though she can't say exactly WHEN the site will go live, she has it on good authority that TODAY IS THE DAY. And if you have a choice between watching a trailer on Yahoo or the movie site, always take the movie site, not that Mrs. Linklater is biased or anything.
     So what's it gonna be -- low res Yahoo or Mrs. Linklater's exclusive high res link to the movie site? Well, duh. Ah, but in the interest of fairness, before you decide, read what Mrs. Linklater has to say about the HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON trailer:
     It's two minutes and thirty seconds long. You want more?      
     All right. The 2:30 trailer is absolute proof that HTTYD is just the latest, and dare we suggest "greatest" from those wild and crazy computer animation guys at DreamWorks, the ones who brought you SHREKS 1 through 3 and soon, 4, as well as KUNG FU PANDA. 
     Think about it, those animated films single-handedly proved that Mike Myers and Jack Black aren't just a couple of pretty faces, they can do major voice schtick, too. Well, Mike Myers can. Jack Black sounded like, um, Jack Black.
     At first HTTYD may seem like the heartwarming story of a boy and his dragon, with undertones of rebellion against parental authority, and a side order of boy meets girl, plus a whole political subtext.
     But on second viewing, Mrs. L said, "Oh I get it, a charming movie the whole family will enjoy, with a gentle lesson in humanity for the kiddies, and some clever inside jokes to keep Mom and Dad from nodding off." 
     However, regardless of what Mrs. Linklater thinks, shouldn't the mere mention of HTTYD in the same breath as the wildly successful Panda movie, and the unbridled popularity of the Shrek franchise be reason enough to make your plans for the March 2010 opening NOW?
     But first, another reminder to watch the trailer at Mrs. Linklater's exclusive [for now] link:

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Jon said...

The attention span of a GNAT?? Hey, if I didn't love ya, I'd be offended. I definitely have the attention span of a dragonfly.

I tend to avoid most children's films. They unnerve me.