Friday, January 8, 2010

Avatar IMAX 3-D Review from LA

My SoCal pals, Nancy and Jim Evans [you can read about Jim HERE] saw Avatar last night. Here's the email review a bunch of us got from him this morning:

caught avatar last night in IMAX 3D, holy crap I love the digital camera viewpoints - not a single second of visual fat. And a tracking shot that has a guy falling off a flying warship, into a jungle, and rolling to a stop without missing a beat is amazing to say the least.

the plot was like a pastiche of every classic film story line of the 20th century, from john ford westerns, to dancing with wolves, apocalypse now, star wars, and day of the dolphin. And the liberal, secular, eco, anti-military, subtext was right up front - christian religious retards will need to hide their children from Navi engaging in one on one communication with a planet that is a huge living brain. no need to look up to god, when you are standing on him/her. And Navi women are equal to the men (and serve as the clan shaman), so much for gender inequality. Fox News will need to call for a Jihad of Glen Beck supporters to stop this.

so much for the politics, the visuals and tech, are second to none, and this is clearly the first 21st century film.

IMAX 3D makes me physically ill, so I hope Avatar is just as good on a plain old DVD. 

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Remo said...

Yep. I heard it sucked unless you were a globalistic progressive Marxist with designs on singing kumbaya while standing in line to get your bread ration.

Tom Cruise liked it though.