Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Bible of Surf Art

Mrs. Linklater got a picture credit in a new 500 pound book about surf artists that just debuted. You can see one of her pictures here:

That's a photo of Jim Evans on the right, sitting in his studio, one of several I took one day a few years ago. And most of the copy about him is stuff I wrote. Below is a picture of Jim with some of his "fans" at the launch party for the book in San Diego.  I guess all the surf artists were signing each other's copies of the book like a bunch of high school kids on yearbook day. I have no idea who these girls are. I don't think Jim knows or cares. I do know that Jim's wife, Nancy, my girlfriend, took the photo. She also sent me a copy of the book. Thanks, Nan. 

Hey, everybody, look at us, we're standing with a guy who knows how to draw. I wonder what his name is.

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Chris said...

As a former surfer (waves suck in TN) I have a few books like that, detailing surf history and culture, but not one that details specifically in the art side of it.

I don't know who that girl in the red is, but seeing her hold that 500lb book in the first picture like that tells me she's one strong girl. Check her purse for steroids:)