Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cat Sitting

See that kitty? He belongs to my stepma who just had knee replacement surgery. His name is Douglas. Dougie for short. I'm cat-sitting for him and his housemate, a Maine coon cat named Mrs. Farley. That's her nickname. Her real name is much longer. Most people think cats are aloof and standoffish. Not Dougie. He's way too friendly. 
      Right now, he's lying with his head on my laptop keyboard, purring, and trying to lick my fingers as I'm writing this. Unfortunately you can't tell how annoying that is from this picture. I tried taking a picture of him lolling all over the keys, but the flash was too bright. He looked like a white blob. I had to ask him to move back a little. You can see that he obliged without a complaint. I can't believe he's even tucking his paws under him in a normal, catlike pose. What a faker. He's a bathrug with whiskers. Oh, now Mrs. Farley wants her picture taken.  
 Sheesh. She looks tiny. But she's really a very tall, exceedingly long cat. With little ear tufts like a lynx. Her tail is even longer than she is. Too bad it didn't fit in the photo. 
     You can see the two remotes required to operate the non plasma TV in the background of Dougie's picture. Attractive living room accessories, no? You probably noticed that one couch has its back to the television. Don't ask why. 
     There's a bottle of Poland Spring fizzy water on the table. It was my beverage of choice this evening. Several bottles are usually kept around for my brother Dave's out of town visits -- sorry Dave, I got into your stash. 
     You can also see a black purse on the coffee table. I have been using that purse a lot because my other ones are still packed away at my house. Authentic Prada. Not a knockoff. It was a gift from a girlfriend for my birthday a couple of years ago. I was in Saks for their free pink plastic beach bag with $5000 purchase deal last week and thought I would get another purse, since I have been using it so much. I found one just like it in the price-tag-free Prada department. I asked the salesperson how much it cost, thinking that a small, microfiber purse couldn't cost that much. As purses go, it's just not very big. Okay, it's got a designer name, so maybe $100. She told me. I handed it back to her like it was on fire. Feel free to speculate. You won't come close. 
     See that can of spray? That's spot remover for the cat barf because, left untreated, cat barf will leave a stain. The can never gets put away. Uh-oh, Mrs. Farley just lay down on the edge of the keyboard. Luckily I don't have to worry about the cats barfing on my computer because it takes at least five to ten hacks to get a good barf going, so I can get it moved out of harm's way in plenty of time. 
     Tomorrow morning there's gourmet kitty salmon breakfast to serve and kitty litter poop and peep to cleanup. I can photograph those, too. No? Amazing how much the food going in resembles what comes out. And when there are two cats, plenty comes out. 
     Hasn't this been fun?


Remo said...

I took a report last week from a woman who left her car unlocked and had a Coach purse stolen. When she told me how much it cost I almost choked. Seriously?

She was especially worried because her house is in foreclosure and the purse had important documents in it.

Give me a break.

Donna said...

Food going in resembles food going out? Perhaps so, but the smell is different.
I'll never understand why anyone pays over $20 for a purse. I'd put my junk in a Walmart bag and tote it around first. But that's just me; I've never been a fashion statement.

EmcogNEATO! said...

I'm going to start the bidding at $350. Although I've never even been in a store that carries Prada, much less picked one up to contemplate its purchase.

Nan said...

ok, i am finally joining in. i guess the bag at $2500. that is why i don't have one, besides, i really don't like the way most of them look.