Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cat's In The Cradle

This morning I made the bed in my stepmother's bedroom with a cat in it. [I'm at her house cat-sitting while she learns how to use her new knee.] First let me say I hate making big beds, because after you get one side all matchy matchy and pretty, you have to go around to the other side and do the same, then come back to the first side because you wrinkled something up while making the other side nice. I must have walked about a quarter of a mile. At least this bed doesn't have one side up against the wall, like my bed, which, even though it's just a double bed, has to be pulled out from the wall every time so I can smooth the duvet on that side. Oh crap, what a pain.
     Anyway, one of the cats, Dougie, is a comedian. He sleeps on your head, licks your nose while you're sleeping, and climbs in the sink just when you want to brush your teeth. Yesterday I caught him watching TV. Today he got under the top sheet as I was putting it on the bed. And he wouldn't leave. I couldn't get him off because he'd just move to another part of the bed. He stayed underneath the sheet the whole time, chasing his tail. So I just tucked in three sides, put a comforter on top and told him to have a nice day. The bed looks very Four Seasons, except for a huge lump in the middle. 
Kind of like this cat, only an orange one with long hair 
who looks annoyingly smug and not bug-eyed.


Chris said...

Ha ha, that cat bump reminds me of this video for some reason:

I've heard several versions so it's certainly an urban legend, but well produced in this video.

Remo said...

I'd be careful about doing the laundry. You could end up with a freshly-washed pussy.

Nah...this one's better:

The last time I had a pussy-lump in my bed the Ex was still living here.

Tiny Elvis said...

I had a cat like that. Whenever I would lay a sheet out on the couch following a martial spat (yeah, I ended up on the couch...figure that one out), before I could even take my shoes off to lay down, there was The Boy, staking his claim on my pillow. And that's two battles I'd lost against the male gender that night.