Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick Re-cap Just For Me

Okay, it's over. Duke won. Talk about winning ugly. If you turned off the sound and didn't look at the score when Duke was playing Baylor, you might think the Bears were winning. They sure had way more style points. Duke looked slow, skinny, weak, and very white. Okay, they could pound threes, but not much more. And yet, ack, they won. 
      When they played Butler for the championship, how could you not root for the underdog. Even though I went to Duke for a couple of minutes and Jon Scheyer went to my town's high school [also John Hughes' high school, btw], and assistant coach Chris Collins also went to high school here, I was screaming for Butler. And they did not disappoint.  
      Until that pale, babyfaced kid in the black socks was allowed to take the second to last shot. And missed.  And then, unbelievably, he was allowed to take the final shot. By that time I had left the building -- really. I know, I'm the ONLY person who doesn't think he's a fantastic ballplayer. 
      As soon as I saw him dribbling, I was gone. Out the door, heading for my car. 
      Avery Jukes would have put the ball in the basket. Avery Jukes could have won the game. Avery Jukes would have found a way. But, no, they gave the ball to Opie. 


Remo said...

He reminds me of another guy playing in the NBA right now. Scrawny, with that gym-rat complexion and in need of a haircut, the guy has bounced around a little and seems to be doing quite nicely.

Steve Nash

p.s. It WAS a fantastic game.

Mrs. L said...

Steve Nash is like a graceful gazelle compared to a giraffe.

Chris said...

I'd have to say best final I've seen since the Carolina-Georgetown game in what, 1983?