Saturday, April 10, 2010

SI Cover Curse On Hold?

Trying to find a copy of Sports Illustrated in this town is like trying to catch flies with your nose. I finally asked somebody why there weren't any SIs in the magazine racks. "We ran out the first day. Jon Scheyer's on the cover," was the reply.
          Shoulda known. Hometown boy makes good at the NCAA championships. Now he's on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I wonder how the curse works AFTER you've taken the prize. There's nothing better to guarantee a loss than to make the cover just before a big game. Maybe the curse of being on the cover means the NBA won't draft him. Or he'll languish on a not ready for an NBA championship team. Not that he hasn't enjoyed a stellar sports career already. Besides the national championship, he also led his high school team to a state championship.  
          But now that he's been featured on the cover of SI, Murphy's Law usually kicks in -- whatever can go wrong, will. The good news is that the cover curse is short-term. The window of opportunity for bad luck closes fairly rapidly. So, maybe, Scheyer will be okay.  After all, they waited until the tournament was over. If he just stays inside for a couple of more weeks. . .


Remo said...

ACL. Wait for it.

Wait...he doesn't play lacrosse, does he?

Chris said...

Oooooooh, I can't top Remo's comment.