Monday, May 31, 2010

Testing, testing

I am supposed to have five different type sizes to use when I compose my entries.  But you'll notice that after I have composed the five different sizes, only three sizes show up when I post:

See how 'small' is the same size as 'normal' in the above list. And 'large' is the same size as 'largest.' Also notice that the font and type size in this paragraph doesn't seem to match anything on this page.

For comparison, here's a screen grab below of what I actually typed, since that's the only way to preserve the original. [Have you noticed that the type size and font in this paragraph are different than in the paragraph above. I have done nothing to deserve this.]

Something's broken. And has been for a long time. Trying to reach somebody to get it fixed at Blogger is like plucking your eyebrows with a fork. 


Donna said...

I guess we still get what we pay for.

Chris said...

All five are different on my monitor, maybe you need to recalibrate your monitor's font attenuator.

Just kidding. Yeah, the two are the same.

Chris said...

Does it do the same thing regardless of which font style you use?

IT said...

there's this advice blogger who will be more than happy to help you with the problem.

Mrs. L said...

That bitch!? I don't think so.