Friday, May 28, 2010

Reading Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

I never took an Evelyn Wood speedreading course. But that doesn't stop me from trying to read as fast as I can anyway. Of course, there are risks. Sometimes that can lead to misunderstandings.
          For instance, a young woman from the high school in my town was just selected as a Presidential Scholar. I guess that means she will have a boatload of scholarship opportunities now.  She must be quite accomplished I surmised, as I prepared to read her bio.  This is what I thought the first sentence said:
          Beginning in her elementary school band, Lauren first regarded the obese as a challenge, then a source of pride, and now her defining passion. 
           How wonderful I thought, a young woman who is not ashamed of her weight. In fact, she's made obese people her life's passion. What's not to admire?
         Then I read:
She made her solo debut in 2008, performing Richard Strauss’s Obese Concerto with the Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra.
           I knew Strauss was a man of the people, but an entire concerto for fat folks? Who knew?. It took me a moment or two -- but I finally realized this young graduate who's going to Juilliard may have some "hefty" credentials, but that's from playing the OBOE, not because her BMI is way over 30. 

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Remo said...

No wonder you like my stuff. If you read it fast enough it sounds like Bach.