Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yet Another Job In Jeopardy

Once again, we at the corporate offices of MLGTTU are thrilled to discover that another trained professional is about to learn that his job has been eliminated. Our excitement can only be described as Dancing On His Grave. More accurately, we predict he is about to be excused from participating in his job until further notice. If ever again.
          In fact, we had better post our most recent JOB IN JEOPARDY fast, because this guy's career may already be toast. Our latest nominee, Koman Coulibaly of Mali, is the referee who blew the call on a US goal that would have won the game for the United States. And he may be relieved of duty by the time this posts.
There are already comparisons between the soccer ref's egregious call and the one made by another Jobs In Jeopardy nominee, baseball umpire Jim Joyce.
          You can read a mashup of their two blown calls here:
          UPDATE: As you may have already heard, previous JIJ nominee BP CEO Tony Hayward has already been relieved of his day to day responsibilities. Well, to be fair, he already made it clear he wanted to get his life back. So they gave it to him.

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Chris said...

That was a load of....

I'll presume it was an unintentional bad call but you have to even wonder about that part.