Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Double or Nothing Rule of Taking Pix

I have a rule of thumb when I'm taking a picture of more than one person. Double the number of shots. So if there are two people I take four pictures at least. Three people, six. I think you can see why. Just a side note: one of these girls is going to Harvard next year. I'm just sayin'.


Wil said...

I note that all are attractive young women. Ms. Headed-to-Havahd must be the sailor-shirted clown. The one who was the source of the need for so many shots. Ms. I-Can't-be-Bothered on the left seems like a University of Chicago type of gal. And Ms. Jailbait (known as Goody Twoshoes to her cronies) held her smile and "kept it real" throughout the shoot. Good on her. She'll go a long way in Hollywood.

How'd I do, boss?

Mrs. L said...

Close, but no cigar, Wil. The girl on the left is going to Harvard. Her animated sister on the right is a year younger and wants to go to Princeton. [We'll see.] The girl in the middle is a friend who wants to be a doctor.

Remo said...

That's a great looking group. They'll make fine additions to the Fox News broadcast team.

:::Ooohhh how I wish that happens:::