Friday, September 17, 2010

Lazy Blogger Post

Photo looking out from the balcony of Cowley Manor in The Cotswolds, 
where my younger daughter's wedding reception was held

I've been over at facebook a lot because you only have to post a sentence or two to be considered present and accounted for, as opposed to this place, where paragraphs and thought processes are required. But I don't have a single thought worth sharing in my head, so let's post some pictures instead. They take up space and give the illusion of an entry. 
          I was at my second favorite wedding [besides my daughter's] a couple of weeks ago. [Just to remind everyone of how pretty my daughter's wedding reception was -- I shot the photo, formerly at the top of my blog, from the balcony of the country house in the Cotswolds where it was held -- Cowley Manor.] The wedding I went to over Labor Day was the first time I've taken "event" pictures, since getting my new hips. I stopped shooting for several years because it was too hard managing all the cameras and lenses on crutches.  
          Here's a picture of the back of the bride's gown. Even though the bride and the dress look lovely from the front, you can see how amazing the dress looks from the back [Monique Lhuillier if you keep track of those things]. You can also see that the wedding was outside. On a perfect day. What you can't see is the Chicago River just up ahead and the Sears Tower looming in the background on your right. Too bad for you.
Here's a picture of the colorful wedding cake, also one of my favorites, if not the best cake ever. Style points and taste points. The groom's mother is a food stylist and she stayed up late putting the marzipan cut outs all over the frosting. A popular Chicago bakery did the cake. It tasted extraordinary. The best wedding cake I've ever had. Moist pound cake in multi-layers with an astounding butterscotch filling. To die for. Topped with white buttercream frosting.

This is making me hungry for something sweet. What have I got around here? Oh, I know.


IT said...

"...where paragraphs and thought processes are required."

Says who?
Oh, you mean on your blog.

Mrs. L said...

Yes, IT, we have standards here. The bar is set about elbow height and drinks are served promptly at five.

Remo said...

I'll have a double of whatever you're serving.