Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Note To Creepy Guys On The Internet

I noticed that more than half the hits to my blog were because people were searching for variations on Playgirl Centerfold, which was in the headline of an entry I wrote about Scott Brown's acceptance speech, right after his election as senator. 
          The countries represented in my traffic stats, besides the US, were just not very representative of Mrs. Linklater's normal demographic, which is to say women, especially those of a certain age, and a couple of guys with bad attitudes and a warped sense of humor. I was getting a boatload of hits from boy-controlled countries like Saudi Arabia -- as if they would ever embrace Mrs. L's charming repartee. Plus lots of Asian countries -- the kind that don't have to speak English because searching for porn needs no translation. 
          I only have myself to blame. Last year I wrote about the recently-elected senator from Massachusetts who, as a young man, posed buck naked in a magazine, when he was trying to make extra money to pay for school. [Isn't that what strippers usually say?] 
          After his election, he said some inappropriate things about his daughters, which made me wonder how much of a train wreck he would be when he got to Washington. That plus his nude pictures in a magazine caused a red flag to start flying. But I didn't know what for. Turns out he was molested as child. Funny how many people who are willing to pose naked have often had some kind of inappropriate sexual history. 
          Anyway, I don't feel like linking you to the article about the senator and the picture of him posing in his birthday suit. I'm sure you'll understand. Mainly because I'm sick of getting artificially inflated hits on my blog because of it. I will also change the headline so that men who are searching for the satisfaction that dares not speak its name, while surfing the internet, won't be directed to my blog archives any more. 

I hope. 

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