Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Before My Feet Hit the Floor

It’s 7 something in the AM. I’m taking stock of my life, lying here in bed. 

After 47 years, my mother is still dead. No improvement there. 

I suddenly realize that one of my children has spent the last two decades making a fool out of me. You have to admire her courage. 

Yesterday, someone who constantly manipulates my good nature for free creative work did it again. Maybe he’ll get cancer and die. 

On my way to Florida next month, I offer to drop off an antique dollhouse for someone’s niece, who lives a thousand miles away. Her folks say now’s not a good time because they don’t have a bed in the guest room. WTF? 

My California brother, who wears an aluminum foil hat [really], has asked me -- again -- to send him his school pictures from third grade. Again I have to remind him that we have had this conversation. They're gone. Wait a minute, didn’t he tell me a year ago that he only had thirty days to live? How come he’s still alive? 

Enough with the introspection. 

My cell phone alarm just went off for the third time. I text a guy I know and ask him if he wants to go to the zoo this weekend. Might as well get the day started.

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Wendy said...

I could have written this (with a few minor tweaks). Hope you made it to the zoo and I hope you were spared the lemurs... They're vile.