Monday, December 8, 2014

Bricker's Alleged $500,000 Bequest to Teton Valley Ranch Camp to be Rejected

There has been an update in a Jackson Hole News & Guide story by Emma Breysse about Bill Bricker. A sidebar has been added which says:  

Bricker's bequest to be rejected
Current directors of Teton Valley Ranch Camp intend to reject a $500,000 pledge of support for the camp from a longtime volunteer accused of molesting two campers.
Bill Bricker, 94, faces charges stemming from the accusations.
In 2001, the Jackson Hole Guide reported that Bricker donated $500,000 to the camp shortly before the organization moved from Kelly to Dubois.
A spokeswoman for the Teton Valley Ranch Camp Education Foundation, which currently runs the camp, clarified in an email that “the pledge was never formalized” and was to be fulfilled from Bricker’s estate following his death.
“We have no knowledge of his current plans for his estate and even upon his death, in light of the allegations, TVRC-EF would reject the bequest,” the email reads.

Given the amount of the bequest and the fact that Bricker is still alive, someone could sue to get those dollars for the victims. Just my two cents' worth.

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banker puppy said...

In 2009 the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that anyone who discovered his/her sex-abuse emotional scars prior to 2001 needed to have filed a civil suit within two years of discovery to have the case heard. So unless someone discovered his/her emotional scars recently (the statute of limitations is now a bit longer), it doesn't look like a civil suit is feasible in Illinois.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I don't know the time limits in other states. Maybe it's possible elsewhere, but not here.