Saturday, January 3, 2015

What Next if Bricker Isn't Extradited?

Stopping by the blog for a quick observation or two. First, kudos to the Tribune and reporters Karen Cullotta and Lisa Black for their thorough work and excellent coverage of the Bill Bricker story. 

Next, in the package of 200 pages or so from the Winnetka School District, there are several mentions of a diary about Bill Bricker kept by Paul Avery, the former superintendent of  Winnetka District 36. In 1968, Avery, now dead, was already preparing to leave left to assume another position, just as the first accusations against Bricker came to light. 

There are handwritten snippets from the diary, written as a timeline of events surrounding the Bricker issues, which had arisen. Avery supposedly gave to the diary to the attorney [also dead] for the district, who worked at the law firm of Sidley & Austin. 

[A full circIe moment occurred when I saw my grandfather's name on the masthead of a letter from Sidley to the School District. And no, his name wasn't Linklater].

The diary has not surfaced. It is probably filed away at Sidley somewhere. Or "disappeared." Avery was one of a few people who might have had the courage to insist on Bricker's removal, when the accusations surfaced. His disgust with Bricker is apparent in a memo he sent to another school administrator, regarding Bricker's teaching style. 

However, Avery was a lame duck, getting ready to leave for another job in another state, never to be heard from again. Unfortunately, the pediatrician who brought the 1968 accusations to the attention of the school board died suddenly around the same time. And everyone else seems to have closed ranks. 

Also not found in Bricker's 200 page school file was a copy of the psychiatrist's report on Bricker. Bricker was scheduled to meet with the doctor to be evaluated. Where did that file go? 

The next chapter of the Bricker story really has to do with how so many people who could have done something -- didn't. Not to mention the number of people who actively obstructed the few who tried. 

I also understand that a current school board member, who was, arguably, a do-nothing principal at Hubbard Woods school during a portion of Bill Bricker's reign of terror, will not be running for re-election. That's good news. I am only sorry that he hasn't been forced to resign ahead of time. 


banker puppy said...

Yesterday a "STIPULATION AND ORDER TO ALLOW REMOVAL OF TRACKING DEVICE" was filed with the judge. The case file entry doesn't say who filed it. The mental competency exam was supposed to have been on Thu.
Best guess, and it's just a guess, is Bricker's not going to WY.

banker puppy said...

Trib called a friend who was a victim that Bricker has died. Trib will run something about it soon.