Friday, January 2, 2015

Bill Bricker Accused of Molesting Top Winnetka School Administrator's Son

File this one under cruel irony. 

One very important person, who had the power to fire Bill Bricker and help to deny him years of 24/7/365 access to school children, scouts, and campers, was Donald Monroe, former Superintendent of Schools for Winnetka's District 36.

From 1977 through 1990, when his and Bricker's tenures overlapped, the buck stopped with him. 

However, like the scouts, the camp owners, and other school administrators -- He. Didn't. Do. Anything. 

Probably because Monroe's son was not a member of Bricker's Winnetka's Troop 18. Nor did he go to Hubbard Woods School where Bricker taught. There might be rumors swirling, but his kid was safe. 

Until 1985, when Monroe sent his son to the fancy ass Teton Valley Ranch Camp in Wyoming, an idyllic venue enjoyed by the rich and famous, as well as many Winnetka children, since the 1940's -- the camp where Bill Bricker was a volunteer counselor for 53 years. 

And where Bricker allegedly molested Monroe's 11-year-old son. 

Read the son's story HERE.

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