Friday, February 27, 2015

Jobs In Jeopardy Continues

Who knew that JIJ would become such a crowded field so fast with so many big time players. The latest in this growing field of potential firings, besides Bill O'Reilly and too many Republican Senators to list, we must add Chicago's Democratic Mayor, Rahm Emanuel. After last Tuesday's election, he finds himself in an unexpected April run off with a Latino candidate named Jesus "Chuy" [pronounced Chewy] Garcia. The bad news is that certain news outlets have been posting the picture of a beloved Star Wars creature in place of the candidate's photo. Tsk. Tsk. The good news is that Chuy's name recognition shot up into the stratosphere thanks to that little gesture: 

Along with this fortuitous rise in his name recognition, Chuy's successful bid for a run off is a result, no doubt, of Rahm's failure to outspend this challenger by the ineffective ratio of $12 for every $1 Chuy laid down. I'm just sayin'. Forget March, April will be the cruelest month if Rahm isn't careful. And that, dear readers, is our latest [turn up the echo and reverb] JJJOOOOOOBBBBBB INNN JEOOOOPAAARRRDDY!!

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