Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jobs In Jeopardy February 2015 Episode II

How exciting is this! Two episodes of Jobs in Jeopardy in the same month!! We can hardly contain ourselves. JIJ returned earlier in February with a daring prediction about Darrell Bevells, the offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks. Or should we say, the future former offensive coordinator for the Seahawks. Bevells, who made the absolute worst call in NFL history -- failing to score from the one yard line with three downs to do it and Marshawn Lynch to carry the ball -- will no doubt have company in the unemployment line after this next imminent firing occurs. 

And just who would JIJ's next candidate for job loss be? Why it's none other than the Secretary of the Veterans Administration, Robert McDonald, who lied about serving in the Army Special Forces. To a homeless veteran, no less. In front of news cameras. His casual slide down the slippery slope from truth to fabrication was caught on tape and vetted faster than you can say Audie Murphy. 

Of course, that's the risk you run when you hire the former head of Procter & Gamble, the company which promises whiter teeth, whiter clothes, whiter woodwork, and a general whitewash of your entire lifestyle. He's a white guy in a suit. A political appointee hired to wipe clean the problems of a very troubled agency. How ironic that this white knight fell into his own pile of poo. He flat out lied. He didn't make what the spin doctors are calling a "mistake." He was infected with a classic case of hubris, which caused a major brain fart that stinks of stupidity on his part.

The guy graduated from West Point. He actually got through Ranger training -- earned his tab -- but instead, served with the 82nd Airborne Division, a legendary group itself. And he served honorably, we might add. So why does he go and embellish his record with the Special Forces claim on camera? Ours is not to question why. Ours is to post this meme which is making the rounds of the internet.

He will apologize. By all apearances he will be forgiven. But one of these days, he will go his office, make a few calls, write a few emails. And, then, he will leave and never return. 

You can read the exciting story of this latest Job In Jeopardy HERE:  

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