Friday, April 30, 2004

Assignment #3

Mrs. Linklater is so grateful for these weekend assignments. She's not sure exactly why.  She just knows she is grateful.

Worst advice I've provided to someone else: "That guy's a loser!" * The very words I told my lovesick girlfriend who had a thing for the geeky guy across the street. Of course she ignored me. They've been married 20 years, live in a beautiful house on a mountain in Malibu, CA. He turned out to be a great person -- super dad, great husband, and brilliant web designer. I'm still looking.

* OUT OF SHAPE + SPACED OUT STARE = LOSER. He was a tub o' guts and his eyes had that charming, glassy look of someone who's been doing drugs for a long time. My friend was an elite athlete who didn't smoke or drink. Apparently, she saw something nobody else did. Somehow that toady guy turned into a prince. Now he's in great shape and could be a poster boy for healthy living.  [He does say it took five years for the drugs to leave his system.]

Worst advice I've ever been given: "You'll get used to the taste." Shut up all you evil people, I'm talking about beer. From age 21 to 22 I tried to embrace drinking.  Beer mostly, because it was cheap. Every time I had a couple I kept waiting for the good taste to kick in. Headaches, a red nose, and tongue fuzzies all kicked in.  But never good taste.After a year I quit trying.

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quroboros said...

LOL, I can relate!  I never could get "used" to beer either.  Why are we expected to keep drinking something that tastes like its soured in a flowerpot on the back porch for three days?  ¤Holly