Sunday, May 2, 2004

Time on my hands

Answer: Apparently.  Question: Mrs. Linklater, you keep an online journal -- do you have too much time on your hands?

A friend of hers read some of these journal entries and decided Mrs. Linklater has too much time on her hands.

So in the fifteen minutes it takes her to write this entry, she will try to think of other things she could be doing instead. G-rated things. And let's skip saving the world, helping her neighbors, performing random acts of kindness and cut to the chase. 

She could be sleeping. But fifteen minutes of sleep is like one bite of chocolate.  Not going to happen. 

A shower might be more productive. But that leads to wet hair which leads to styling products, hair dryers, hot rollers, curling irons -- you do the math.

Can't read a whole book, but she could read a couple of New York Times reviews and pretend she did. But that means going out to purchase a Times which would use up time. No time to get the Times.  Ah, the irony. 

She could check to see if the Cubs and Sox won. Wait, she already did. 

She can always Google people she knew from high school. Like she cares about high school anymore. 

She could call her Aunt Genie. Just did, she's out. 

She could work on her novel. LOL.

She could start a load of dishes or clothes. Oh, stop with the guilt trip.  

She could get a bowl of cereal, eat it and be back in time to finish this entry. Or not come back at all. She likes that one.




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