Monday, May 3, 2004

Oh Well

Answer: Shut up, yer bugging me. Question: Do people think you're old and cranky?

Some guy took exception to a reply Mrs. Linklater wrote in someone's journal entry.  Called her old and cranky. Yeah, and your point is?  Actually she thought she was performing a public service.  Because the person who wrote the entry handed out some misguided reproductive information that could seriously affect the birth rate in nine months. And we know that could lead to more garbage dumps filling up with diapers, which could lead to global warming or thermal blankets or thermos bottles, at the very least.  Mrs. Linklater is feeling somewhat defensive about telling some young whippersnapper she didn't know do-dah about how NOT to make babies.  Okay, she's old and cranky.

Since it's late and Mrs. Linklater is too lazy to email these people:

Note to BAD -- if you remember how to find my journal and stop in to read this, Phi Beta Kappa Boy, tell me what's going on with all the career stuff we talked about a week ago. Selling oranges at an intersection is not a resume builder.

Note to ANT-KNEE -- funny commercial.  Surprised me actually, that it wasn't full frontal. I couldn't tell what the product was, because there were French words I've never seen. And, given the astonishing payoff, just what the freak were they advertising?  

Note to RAGS -- As soon as I can figure out how to make your Nancy Boy pictures bigger -- they are going to loom LARGE on the Pop Tarts entry.  Only a big check will stop me.

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quroboros said...

OK, you got me and I'll definitely be back here to see what's going on in your brain.  Very funny, very quirky journal AND equally electic music choices!  I'd be lying if I said I understand it all, but I like it.  ¤Holly