Friday, April 30, 2004

Reality Cooking

Answer: You mean demonstrating how to take the Lean Cuisine out of the package and put it into the microwave?  Question:  Why don't they have a cooking show that reflects real life?

Mrs. Linklater would like to see a reality cooking show a la the Iron Chef that captures the authentic experience of anyone trying to prepare a meal for a real family. 

In Mrs. Linklater's case this often meant watching water boil and dropping a pouch into it. For reality TV, she thinks we need more drama. This would require having toddlers interrupt the competing chefs every two minutes with whining, crying or a diaper load. 

Also needed are a couple of teenagers who stand with the refrigerator door open while talking on a cell phone and drinking milk out of the carton. In between slicing, dicing, measuring and mixing, the chefs would be required to sort a bag of clothes for the wash, after first treating the chocolate, paint, and dirt stains. 

Meanwhile the teenagers would be told by the producers where to find the bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough which the chefs thought was hidden way back in the fridge. The teens are happy to start eating the raw dough with their unwashed fingers.

The chefs don't notice that the cookie dough has been breached until they have vacuumed, set the table, arranged the flowers [Mrs. Linklater finds the flower thing very amusing] and put the clean, wet clothes from the washer into the dryer. 

Did we mention that the chefs are also expected to hold down a fulltime job while they are doing the cooking? By the time dinner is supposed to be ready the chefs won't care what anybody eats as long as they eat something.

Mrs. Linklater thinks this has all the hallmarks of a really entertaining reality cooking show. But she also thinks it won't fly until we can figure out a way to include carpooling.

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lwhitewave said...

Not to mention "WHAT do I have AVAILABLE in the dusty back corners of the pantry besides this expired box of mac n cheese?"