Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Dead Audi II

Answer: You got me.  Question: Who wants a 20 year old car that doesn't run? Holy cow, somebody actually wants Mrs. Linklater's old Audi.  The battery's dead.  The transmission needs a second gear.  The wiring is iffy.  The tires ought to be replaced. The gaskets are leaking oil.  It could sure use a paint job. And it's got 175,000 miles on it. On the plus side -- the leather seats are good.  Well, all except the driver's side seat. It's a little tattered, but not awful awful. And there's a new bumper, thanks to the high school girl who backed out of the parking space next to me and took the old one with her.   Hm-m-m-m, why do I feel like that old car is a metaphor for me. Sorry I went there, but it was such a short trip. I wonder if Complete Makeover could make a dent, as it were, in my chassis. Enough with the car stuff.  Soon I'll be quoting e.e. cummings. . ."she was brand new. . " Meanwhile, gotta find my digital camera. Where did I put that thing?


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