Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Subjects for Documentaries

The universal answer:  Yes.  The universal question:  Is anything possible?  Mrs. Linklater doesn't know why, but she got to thinking about documentaries she could make:  1) The sex lives of women who wear C-Pap machines.  2) The new thrillseekers: Chronic last minute tax filers. 3) Whatever happened to the high school class alcoholics, sportos, brains, nymphos, freaks, hoodlums, and closet queens followed by the sequel:  Whatever happened to the high school kids who graduated at the top of the class and the ones who graduated at the bottom?   4) Cub Scout Pedophiles -- something uplifting for spring 5) Chicago's Providence-St. Mel High School and it's guiding light -- Paul Adams 25 years after the archdiocese shut them down. 6) Webmaster Jim Evans:  From surf artist to internet guru.  Mrs. Linklater has decided she had better stop, because some of these are starting to make sense. 

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