Sunday, May 23, 2004

Artsy Fartsy Water

Answer: No.  Question:  Can you believe the lengths people will go to for their favorite water?

Mrs. Linklater has decided to fly to California when she's thirsty. She is always looking for new products.  And she has found the bottled water of her dreams at her friends' house in LA.

The kind of water in the bottle doesn't matter so much, as long as it's clear. Unlike beer, dark water doesn't have much appeal. The packaging is all that matters to Mrs. Linklater. The shape.  The cap. The label.

Although you can't believe anything they say on the label about where the water is from. Most of it is made at a factory by some reverse osmosis process anyway. 

Probably the purest water in the world is the melt off the glaciers in Iceland.  No air pollution to leave droppings. 

Real spring water probably has exotic bacteria that are immune to everything. Artesian water has been compromised for years in the US.

The stuff out of your tap is most likely too high in lead. Rain water? Good for your hair.  Bad for your insides. Anyway, it's all marketing. 

So for quite some time Mrs. Linklater has opted to choose her water based on style points alone rather than worry about substance.

Needless to say, she was thrilled to be introduced to an especially fashionable new bottle of water on her last trip to LA. The timing was right.

Lately, Evian seems so 90's, And that benzine thing with Perrier left a bad taste in all our mouths, no matter how they tried to make a comeback. 

Pelegrino has a certain cache for you fizzy water folks, but Mrs. Linklater was ready for something she couldn't buy at the grocery store.

From Norway, via LA, comes Voss water. In a sleek, almost elegant glass bottle, captured above in repose by Mrs. Linklater in the studio of her friends' house. 

Here's what the website [] says:

"We would like to introduce Voss Bottled Water from Norway, the first ultra-premium bottled water from Norway available in America. Voss is packaged in custom-designed sleek, cylindrical decanters, which are as appealing to the eye as they are smooth and cool to the touch"

Note how the shape of the bottle reveals the clarity of the water.Where have you ever seen water so beautifully expressed in such an achingly simple container.  With no aftertaste. And, remember, you can't get it at your local grocery.

As you can see from the picture, the bottle looks very nice next to the dumbbells. Think how it will look on your table.  

Mr. Linklater would also like to point out that there is enough room in her friends' studio for some serious exercise equipment, and, [what you can't see] a media system that could blow the roof off an SUV. Or the roof off the house, she supposes, if they really cranked it.

But she digresses.

Aside from the elegant simplicity of the Voss bottle, using glass is such a nice change of pace from plastic. So modernand yet so retro. Although, sorry to say, you can get Voss in plastic, too.

Regardless, Mrs. L thinks you can't beat glass for capturing water's refreshingly good taste. Because, as anyone who cares about the taste of water knows, glass helps to keep the flavor in. Or maybe it just keeps the PCBs in the plastic out. Something like that.

Voss water in glass bottles is available by the case for about $25.00.  Add $20 for shipping.  Add more for Hawaii and someplace else.

Be the first in your neighborhood.

WARNING: The case is very heavy.



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