Thursday, June 17, 2004


Answer: All morning. Question:  Mrs. Linklater, how long have you been working on your rant?

Mrs. Linklater has been writing all morning. And she's still not done. 

She's read four articles and three journals about the issue.  And she's trying to get her rebuttal into something that makes sense. Something that will change the world.

Maybe that's the problem.  It ain't gonna happen.

She also wants to offer her suggestions to the problems facing women when they decide to have children. 

Not an easy task, at least for Mrs. Linklater.  So, as Albert puts it, just keep talking among yourselves.



lamove04 said...

Albert here, a semi-stay-at-home non-Mom. This issue has been beaten to death on Oprah, I thought. I think that everyone should be allowed to make their own choices, if they're reasonable. I don't ever want anyone to tell me that how I'm living my life is wrong, children or no children. That's MY rant.  --Albert

lamove04 said...

oh, btw, thanks for the mention, lol!  Of course,  "Talk amongst yourselves" was, I believe, first said by the Mike Meyers character, Linda Richman of Coffee Talk, on Saturday Night Live --Albert

lwhitewave said...

Oh, Amen to that!  To ALL of that!! Journal entry and Alberts' comments included. I'm so tired of people criticising everything everyone else does...just mind your business, and let me mind mine, thanks.  If I need help, I'll ask someone close to me whose opinion matters to me.  ~Turtle

jevanslink said...

Albert -- you said it funnier in your journal than Mike Meyers [as Linda] ever did.