Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Mommy Wars Are Over, I Mean It

Mrs. Linklater is too tired to finish writing this entry, but she's so fed up with what she's been reading about the Mommy Wars that she's at least going to get her rant started.

John Scalzi, in a decision he may yet regret, brought the issue to his blogosphere a few days ago.  He referred to an article at about highly educated, successful women "Opting Out" of their careers to stay at home with their kids.

This was followed by pointed commentary in three high profile AOL Journals. 

The first essayist asked the question "Why isn't it Opting In?"  Get it? "Opt Out" of a career vs."Opt In" to being a full-time Mom.

Essentially, this writer, a stay at home mother, reduced a huge philosophical, financial, cultural and highly personal struggle down to a question of semantics. That was helpful.

There were two other entries she wants to beat to death, but Mrs. Linklater will take them on after a good night's sleep.

So until then, she must insist that all mommys take a time out -- you mothers who work outside the home will sit in this corner, and you stay at home moms will sit in that corner. No talking. No pointing your fingers at each other. No making fun. Nothing. Be quiet. And stay that way until Mrs. Linklater gets back. She's really had it with you!



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