Saturday, June 26, 2004


No, Mrs. Linklater wasn't pregnant. That would be an immaculate conception. And Mel Gibson could do the movie.

But she knows some people who were pregnant. Her east coast brother and sis in law.

Little Annie Marie Virginia [named after both her grandmoms] was born at 1:29 in this morning, after THIRTY-SIX HOURS of effort --  based on the email updates sent throughout the day.

Both parents are doing fine. They're in that twilight zone between having the baby and taking it home. Before the round the clock feedings, burps, and poopy diapers have kicked in.

Mrs. Linklater remembers the births of her own children with fond memories. Pushing the Goodyear blimp through a straw comes to mind. Of course, with LaMaze breathing anything was possible.

Hope Annie doesn't mind calling her Aunt Mrs. Linklater.




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lwhitewave said...

Another female that probably won't be in Nascar...although by the time she's old enough, maybe??
She's beautiful! Congrats to the happy parents!