Saturday, June 26, 2004

Saturday Six -- Episode 11

This week Mrs. Linklater lifted the ENTIRE ENTRY from Patrick's Place. Picture from Hometown

We're up and running again for another set of questions...and they're actually posted on time this week!  Don't forget to leave a link to your journal in the comments. [NOTE: AT PATRICK's PLACE -- Mrs. L] 

Either answer the questions here [NOT HERE, THERE -- Mrs. L] or put the answers in an entry on your journal...but the link you leave here gives everyone who plays a chance to visit your journal!  Enjoy!

1. What annoys you more:  a long line in a bank, a movie theater, a restaurant or a grocery checkout line?

Mrs. Linklater hates long lines so much, she doesn't do them at all.

She does the drive up or the Cash Station at the bank.

She gets her tickets online for the movies or goes when no one else does.

She refuses to eat at restaurants that make you wait more than ten minutes, unless they have a place where she can sit and read, talk, or munch on appetizers. 

And, she has been known to have her groceries delivered.

2. The President calls upon you to select an American to replace Alexander Hamilton on the ten-dollar bill.  The only stipulation is that the person you select cannot have been a politician.  Who would you select?

A woman. Eleanor Roosevelt.  She wasn't a politician.  She was the wife of a politician. She probably did more to advance the cause of women and minorities in this country than any other first lady [and most presidents] in US history.

3. What is the longest road trip you've ever made?

Wyoming and back to northern Illinois. A couple of times. Wait a minute. Mrs. Linklater drove to Boston and back, too.  Gotta mapquest that. Basically she's not sure.

4.Which genre of movie are you least likely to watch:  a war movie, a western, a love story, or a mafia movie?

Mrs. Linklater Loved Platoon. Owns it, just watched it again. 

She loves any Clint Eastwood Western. Watches them all the time.

She loved Witness. Owns it, just watched it again.

Loved Goodfellas. Owns it, just watched it again.

Hm-m-m-m.  She's probably least likely to watch any other western except Clint's.

5. What kind of organization did you last give a donation to?  

A re-hab center for drug addicts. Not that Mrs. Linklater has any addictions herself or anything.  Nosirree, not her.  That chocolate thing was blown way out of proportion.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #9 from Dymphna: Who kissed you first?

Mrs. Linklater's dead boyfriend.  Okay -- when he was alive. In a VW.  In front of her parents' house. Geez, this is so lame. And he had to show her how to kiss because she'd been practice kissing on her hand and that didn't translate to the real thing very well.

Have you submitted your reader's choice question, yet?  If you haven't, follow this link and play that week's edition of the "Saturday Six" as well.  You can submit your own question and see it asked to the masses in an upcoming edition.

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