Friday, January 6, 2006

Star Jones Reynolds' New Blog on AOL

Star Jones Reynolds of The View has a new book out entitled SHINE. She also has a new "blog" on AOL to shill for the book while she's on tour for the next three months. I betcha AOL is paying her. Jean Shatsky anyone? Haaaaaaa. In her first entry she manages to lecture us on how to behave in the comments. Needless to say, I took offense. There's a shock. While everybody else totally sucked up to her, here's what I wrote:

With all due respect to your Star Power as a dynamic former prosecutor and one of the Fab Five on The View, there's no need to lecture us on how to behave in the comments. We've been here longer than you will be. You're the newbie, so maybe it would be nice if you traveled around J-Land and read as many journals as you can first -- get a feel for this place. Then leave a comment in each journal you visit, with an invitation to the writer to visit your new blog. Most folks who're new around here also include links to their journals when they comment. Then we link to you in our Other Journals sidebar. Quid pro quo. Makes for a friendly, supportive community. Or you can just sit up on a celebrity cloud and be above it all.    Mrs. L  

Hey, somebody had to say something. Nobody else was going to call her out.

Okay, okay here's a link to her journal. Leave a link to your journal if you go there so we can see if she joins the community or just floats on top. If it won't link, just cut and paste.

Haaaaaaaaaa!! She went private. Kinda defeats her purpose doesn't it? Why doesn't she just post and not allow any comments. Bet she doesn't know about that. Or just block those of us she doesn't like instead of keeping everyone out. Who is giving her advice anyway?


mosie1944 said...

I love it!  My problem is, I don't have a clue who Star Jones Reynolds is.  Maybe someone will enlighten me.

fierrorachel said...

Amen, sister!  To Mosie (my mother) she is one of several hosts on The View, a daytime talk show.  She also does commercials for Famous Footwear, I think.  I'm not impressed with her at all, really, but not many people impress me.  Anyway, this comment in her journal is awesome!

sdoscher458 said...

Boy, you are right...this is our old neighborhood, we say welcome to people - you don't move in and tell everyone the dam rules do you? Good for doing that...Sandi

ksquester said...

Were you wearing your pointed toe shoes? (I do hope so!)  Anne

floralilia said...

yeah, and what exactly qualifies her to lecture us on finding the "right man" - oh puhleeze - she's still in the honeymoon phase...

stay married for 25 years like me - and then maybe you might have something to say...

mombzbe said...

Of course they're paying her.  Her particular talent, it seems, is finding someone else to pay for her, period.  Did you miss the tales of Bridezilla??
I hope you got your foot back.

psychfun said...

She doesn't know who she is dealing with! Go get her girl!

ber144 said...

Good to see that AOL is using their ad dollar revenue wisely.  

And there's nobody better to deliver a dose of reality to her than you.  Nice job!  You can speak for me anytime.


ally123130585918 said...

Star Jones Reynolds - (never heard of her) - but I do know she hasn't visited my blog - and unless she does I flatly refuse to visit hers....obviously her knowledge of Blog protocol is NIL....I did enjoy reading your comment to her though very well said lol..Ally

xzasporated1 said...

This is so Jean Chatzky.  I'm surprised she wasn't the Guest Editor.  What a crock.  Anybody taking bets on the total number of entries before she quits after it stops paying?  I say three, no more than five.

And dollars to donuts, she's not writing it herself and any questions will be answered by "read chapter 3 in my book Shine, the guide to..."

I went.  I read.  I barfed.  At least Jean didn't tell everyone how to "blog."  Nothing like insulting a potential customer.  

~~ jennifer

jocko818 said...

Mrs. L, Star's Star has now been tarnished by a dose of reality! Kudos!

geminiwilder said...

Oh, I've never been able to stand her!   Blech!

She has posted one of the worst journal entries ever over there.  Load o' crap.


elleme2 said...

Like Jennifer, I went, I read and I barfed, but I left my comment at Magic Smoke, where Editor Joe is busily promoting the "Shine" blog.  As I said there, I came away impressed by the phoniness of the blog--note that the About Me section is written in the third person--probably lifted right off the dust cover of her book.  And if you click "More" at the end of that paragraph, you are transferred to another site where you are required to sign in and will be tracked by "cookies" so they can email you further promos of the book, no doubt.  

I was equally impressed by the naivete of those who are warmly welcoming Star to the J-Land community.  The comments were so uniformly upbeat that I was surprised they didn't delete your gentle dose of reality, Mrs. L.

And, oh my, what a glorified depiction of the author in that heading!  Does a graphic artist proud.

helmswondermom said...

You are something else!  I love your comment!

easuess said...

She's blocked me from reading her journal--I got the private journal, restricted access blue screen. How did she know??


mylife4282 said...

I don't think anyone can get into her blog now. Hahahaha I think her journal writting days are over.

mawmellow said...

yep you've done it now....she went private !  lmaooooooooo
congrats on a great job !

xzasporated1 said...

I am not a fan, and I inherently despise these pseudo-celebrity transient blogs that AOL sets up with all the bells and whistles they keep promising but not delivering to AOL customers, but, she was targeted and spammed by a group of idiots last night so bad that even I couldn't keep up.  (Oh okay, so it was a Saturday night and I was bored...)

This group (from LiveJournal: NO AOL-Jers!!!) was applauding itself and laughing about how many AOL screennames the members had to create in order to "bring her down."  She's apparently a longtime target of theirs.  And while I am as snarky as the next guy, the messages they left were inexcusable even to me.

Hell, I almost felt sorry for her, but I still don't think SHE was the one deleting and blocking and going private.  So I don't feel all that sorry, because even I know that this woman and her overinflated ego is SO parodied that the minute she went public she was asking for it.  The folks at AOL should have foreseen it.  Obviously somebody somewhere dropped the ball.

But alas.  Welcome to AOL.

~~ jennifer

jevanslink said...

I recognized most of the people who were writing negative things before she shut down.  There must have been a really nasty attack after that. Those people are assheads for doing that, but SHE was a jerk for starting off like such a DIVA.

It was clear that no one gave her a clue how to enter into J-land nor did they tell her she could post WITHOUT allowing comments, probably her best way to go.  

I wonder if people can write emails to her.  

Oh well, I said my piece.  And I am a fan.  ALways have been.  I wasn't impressed with either one of her entries, nor was I impressed by what she had to say in her book.  

Mrs. L

xzasporated1 said...

Oh I agree with you there.  She should have just put up a graphic that said "SPAM ME!" starting off with "I'm new here, but I'm going to lecture everyone about blogging."  (Even one of the media sites nailed her for that.)  That was beyond stupid.

But, I have to say, what I read from this group last night was some of the foulest, most profane and ugly things I've ever read, much less in a blog comment thread.  Whoever is overseeing that blog tried deleting and blocking, but this group kept bragging about making up new screennames.   I would refresh after five minutes, and there would be 25 new comments.  (Even their LJ thread got deleted, but they're still high-fiving themselves.  Thank God school starts again...)

~~ jennifer

salemslot9 said...

I didn't read her thingy
I still agree with you
and everyone's comments
she loses some weight
gets married
think she knows it all
by the way
"Payless" shoes
nothing against them :)

olvscriv2 said...

In discussing how Star Jones lost the weight,it really is of no importance anymore to me because she waited for so long to come forth with how she lost all of the weight. I mean who cares now,it's done and over with...not interested anymore.