Saturday, June 26, 2004

Weekend Assignment #11

Weekend Assignment #11: Tell us what you think is the perfect Summer Song. And you know what a "summer song" is, of course: The song that seems to promise sunny fun from the first chords to the final drumbeat, the ones that are just made to be played in a convertable as you're cruising your way to that beach party.

Extra Credit: Tell us what you think is the best song for the last day of summer. I imagine this could be anything: A big "last blast" party song, a meditative love song about changing seasons, or anything in between.

Walk, Don't Run   *  The Ventures

Before the Summer of Love [and Drugs], there were summers of hootenannies on the beach at night with big bonfires. Seeing who could spot the first shooting star. And watching the moon come up on the horizon. When it was time to go home, because we went home back then, the coolest ride was in a '57 red Chevy convertible. Wait a minute, it still is.  And the best tune was always Walk, Don't Run by the Ventures -- the only pop instrumental to ever break into the Top Ten twice ['60 & '64].

Extra Credit:

Georgia On My Mind * Ray Charles

Doesn't matter where you are -- on the beach, camping in the woods, sitting on a pier, rocking on a porch, or just lying on the grass looking up at the sky -- that song just captures the "sorry it's all over" feelings you get on the last day of summer. 


cyberdancer1008 said...

why couldn't I say this as succinctly as you?  what was the next #1 Instrumental?
applause, applause from--

jevanslink said...

Mea Culpa.  See revised statistic in the entry.  Mrs. L