Monday, July 12, 2004

Academy Awards have nothing on AOL Awards

Mrs. Linklater doesn't want you to miss out on all the fun going on in AOL J-Land.  These award categories were cut and pasted from Golden Child Superstar -- a journal you have to visit to appreciate. Take your medicine first. Here's the link where you can VOTE for your faves. The voting instructions are at the bottom of this entry. NOTE: YOU HAVE UNTIL THURSDAY TO GET YOUR VOTES IN.


THE KING/QUEEN of J-LAND! ~ This is for the blogger whose journal has it ALL -- graphics, humor, serious issues, rants, virginity (oops) you name it!

THE LORD of the BLOG! ~ A journal penned by a male who in your mind has his hand on the pulse of the XY Nation when he's not tally-wackin'.

THE LADY of the BLOG! ~ That journaler with one too many X chromosones (oh I'm gonna GET it for that one LMAO!) representing the ladies of AOL J!

MOST LOL MOMENTS IN ONE BLOG! ~ If you can't open their journal without laughing so hard you have a bowel movement, then they're the right material for this one.

BIGGEST GRAPHICS HO! ~ This award should go to someone who not only chokes you on imagery, but whose graphics (non-animated) compliment their entries and journal as a whole. Ask yourself: "Would I have some idea what the entry was about even if I never read a word?" AOL Editor's picks,AOL Editors, Journals

BEST USE OF ANIMATION ~ Self explanatory. :-)

THE SHUTTERBUG AWARD ~ The emphsis here is on journalers with a good eye and tons of photos, not necessarily a photo blog, but frankly those are REALLY hard to beat! New Journals, new journals, new journals, new jornals

MOST THOUGHT-PROVOKING JOURNAL ~ Have you come across a blog that makes you look at familiar topics in a new light?  AOL Hometown

THE ROOTIE TOOTIE FRESH 'N FRUTIE AWARD ~ This award is reserved for exceptional bloggers who created their FIRST journal within the last 45 days. Journals, journals, journals, journals, journals, jouarnals, journals, journals.

BEST THEME-BASED JOURNAL ~ Politics, Religion, Weight-loss, selling your wares for pennies on the dollar. If youre journal has a theme, why not nominate yourself? :-) John Scalzi, AOL Keywords, new AOL Journals, journals, journals.

BEST USE OF MASKED VULGARITIES ~ Any old poo-poo head can say "doodie" in a journal. That takes no effort and shows no f$#%ing class. But getting your chock-full-o-sin point across without yielding to the Dark Side is a feat worthy of a Jedi Warrior! So give props to those who really know how to mask their shit!

BEST USE OF GRANDIOSE BEHAVIOR ~ If the mere act of opening someone's journal cowers you into submission, chances are their superiority complex is working it's magic on you (though that really isn't what that type of behavior is about lol). You might want to nominate them before they have your head chopped off. Blogging, blogging, journals, new journals, great journal links, journals

BEST J-BRAT ON THE BLOCK ~ Reserved forthose bloggers ages 14 and under who already have it going on!

THE J-TEEN SUPREME ~ Okay. No one voted for this because it wasn't an option. I addedit after getting numerous emails concerning the ommision of a teen category. My apologies, teens. Now here's your chance! :-) Ages 15 to 18 only.

MOST ORIGINAL JOURNAL ~ Is someone's creativity in overdrive? Does their blog stand out as something unique? Well what are you waiting for?

THE MAD HATTER AWARD ~ Whining and complaining on a regular basis isn't enought to cut the mustard here! We need people who've raised bitching to the level of an artform!

I'S GOT GOOD GRAMMAR AWARD ~ And I'm STILL lmao that you guys chose this! Put simply, we're looking for the best-written journal. Not just perfect grammar and all that jazz, but text that flows seemlessly one word intothe next.

THE GREATEST STORY/STORIES EVER TOLD ~ There are several professional writers in J-Land as well as those taking a stab at making use of the pen a career. This could be someone who has an entire journal devoted to fictional stories or maybe just an exceptional entry or two to try out their craft on a unsuspecting audience. LOL!


THE GOD SAVE THE QUEEN AWARD ~ Here, we should pretty much be looking for the British equivalent of SLOMO, the reigning Queen of J-Land.

SIR BLOGS-A-LOT ~ The best male journaler in the UK.

THE J-QUEEN OF ENGLAND ~ The best female journaler in the UK.


THE BEST WAY TO VOTE at this particular juncture is to look at the categories (which I will post shortly) and then meander throughout J-Land to find the people you think are best. Then:
                     1. Open their journal
                     2. Highlight the journal address in the URL bar
                     3. COPY AND PASTE THE ADDRESS in an email.
                    4. Keep doing this until you have a person for each category.
                     5. When you're done, send the email TO YOURSELF!

THEN AND ONLY THEN should you open the poll site!!! If you try to do them one at a time, you'll only get to vote for one person in one category! And I don't recommend trying to view the results until after you've voted for the same reason. But once that's complete,
                     6. Open the email to yourself and go to the poll site.
                     7. COPY AND PASTE your choices from your email to each category.

If a category calls for you to choose the specific address of an entry, then please do


judithheartsong said...

It was so much fun to research my picks........ found new journals to love. judi

somenuttychic said...

Mrs. L., you are a promotion machine! :-D Great job!!!