Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Faces of J-Land


Picture from Hometown


Patrick of Patrick's Place has created a new journal -- The Faces of J-Land. Stop by and find out how your face and a link to your journal can be included, too.


Mrs. L



dbaumgartner said...

How fun is that!  I will have to check it out.  Thanks for tip.

smartypantzjessi said...

Hi Mrs L.
Thanks for visiting my journal and for your comment. Yes there is two Jessie but I am Jessie with an I(female) and the other one is Jesse(male), He's a good friend mine. When we met we both laughed about our names so he decided to call me "Jessie with an I." Cute huh? Lol.. He has Cancer in the stomach and I have two tumors in my brain stem. That's life but we both have strong faith. Well take care and nice meeting u in J-Land... Jessie(with an I, lol)

somenuttychic said...

Very cool Mrs. L.! I love it! I'll be sure to check out the link.

lwhitewave said...

I'm waiting 'til I get home and get one of my Glamour Shots photos