Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bet you didn't know this --

I got curious.  I wanted to see how many hits were added to my counter since I removed it from view.

It was on 61 [which would actually be 4135 plus 61 = 4196] when I removed it.

I only removed it so I wouldn't always be looking at it, especially since it decided to start over. 

I tried to think of removing it from sight as a zen thing.  I was too attached to it.  Okay, addicted. And letting it go was the zen part.  So I could be free of whatever it was that I was holding onto.

Mrs. L, your karma is calling collect.

Way down deep, and this is hard to admit, the real reason I hid the counter was that I was embarrassed. 

I didn't want people who came here to think that only 61 people had read Mrs. Linklater's guiding thoughts since March 17th when her cosmic journaling began. 

I have decided I'm over it however. 

Think whatever you want.

Here's the punchline.  Apparently when I removed the counter from sight, it stopped counting.

So when I turned it on just to get a peak at how many more hits were on it, expecting at least 40 or 50 more, I couldn't believe what I saw.

The counter read 62. Only one more than when I removed it from view.  I had more comment alerts than that.



kissofvanity said...

Ah yes, the love/hate relationship with the counter.  
I hear ya....but you're sure a lot more forthcoming about it than i ever would be.  Ha!  Great entry.  ((0.~))

mavarin said...

I accdidentally deleted mine the other day. Fortunately I noticed, and put it back pretty darn quick.  I was just grateful that it didn't zero out.

Now, how can I make it grow by a factor of ten? (I have jealousy issues.) - Karen