Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Not That I'm Paranoid

First my counter goes ka-blooey.  Now my journal isn't listed when I click on UPDATE YOUR JOURNAL at the Hometown page. 

Did THEY remove my journal and take it someplace to torture it for information?

I'm getting a tiny hint of what it must have felt like to live in a communist bloc country.

Or what's it like being an Iraqi in the US today.

Or a journaler on AOL.

Oh, Mrs. L, you're such a drama queen.

We'll see.



jeanno43 said...

Found your journal through Faces of J-Land.  Just dropping by to say hello.  I shall be reading more.
Feel free to drop by and see me anytime at


you would be most welcome.

quroboros said...

Not that I want to downplay your distress, but I'm glad to read it wasn't just me!  Yesterday I went to post an entry and it said my journal didn't exist.  I blew it off and tried again today.  FOTL came up today, but without the 'Add Entry' or 'Edit Journal' buttons!  So I thought I'd just spend the downtime working on my homepage.  But lo & behold, according to Easy Designer, it didn't exist either!
Talk about sparking all those old feelings of paranoia.. Is Big Brother watching or what?  ¤Holly

xzasporated1 said...

Could it be that Mercury is in retrograde?  Or that the Republicans are in New York?

Oh the possiblities...

~~ jennifer