Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Our New Political Action Figure


The Governator when he was a precinct captain

The governator's first campaign slogan

The Governator when he was with the Village People

The Governator when he was P. Diddy's bodyguard

The Governator on patrol in Viet Nam

The Governator as the Governator




magogos said...

Can you say steroid city? Margo

ann7inflorida said...

"Milk is for babies!"  ROFLMAO!

dbaumgartner said...

What to say????? I'm speechless because I'm laughing too hard.

lamove04 said...

I kind of dig the Planet of the Apes look!  Although I wouldn't want to see him in a loincloth now.  Albert

somenuttychic said...

Photo 1: What posesses people to want to do things like that to their body? And then show it off? Ew.