Wednesday, August 18, 2004

This is getting even better. I went to UPDATE YOUR JOURNAL and got Dave, Duncan's and Fred's homepages. So, just curious, I clicked on Dave's. And I was IN. I could have done some real damage to his homepage. So, AOL -- WTF is going on?

And is somebody messing with my stuff, too, even as we speak?

Mrs. L

Mrs. Linklater has just created an entry at Duncan's Spinning Top. The subject was "THIS IS GOING TO CREEP YOU OUT."

I mean, how would you feel if some STRANGER wrote in YOUR JOURNAL? Kinda weird huh -- but that's the only way we're going to get this bug out of J-Land.

Go to UPDATE YOUR JOURNAL and see whose blogs come up. Go there and you may discover that YOU TOO can write an entry.

Some hacker's been having a very nice day.
Mrs. L

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ann7inflorida said...

I had something like that happen to me. I left a comment in SloMo's journal but it came out under someone elses screen name, that & my FTP space thingy isn't working. ~Ann : )